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General Nail Care

Discover our comprehensive general nail care services tailored to alleviate discomfort and enhance the appearance of your nails. Our skilled podiatrists at Ingrown Toenail Solutions specialise in managing various nail pathologies, ensuring optimal comfort and aesthetics.

What Does General Nail Care Involve?

Our podiatrists start by meticulously thinning down affected nails with specialised drills, addressing pathologies such as involuted nails. We then carefully remove segments of nails that may cause pain or discomfort. Finally, we round off the free nail edge to enhance both appearance and comfort.

Who Can Benefit from General Nail Care?

General nail care is recommended for individuals struggling to self-manage their nails, providing relief for walking and wearing shoes. Our flexible approach allows for ongoing care tailored to your specific needs.

How Often Should You Attend?

For optimal outcomes, we recommend attending our clinic every 8-10 weeks, especially if undergoing other treatments. However, attendance for general nail care alone can be as frequent or infrequent as desired. Your clinician will advise on the ideal frequency during your initial consultation.

Contact us to find out more about general nail care.