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General Nail Care

What is involved with general nail care?​

The podiatrists at Ingrown Toenail Solutions are trained to care for your nails. Certain nail pathologies such as involuted nails that have progressed significantly can cause pain and can be extremely difficult to self-manage. We start by thinning your affected nail down with our specialist drill before removing the segments of nail that grow into that top corners of the skin folds. We finish by rounding off the free nail edge to make your nail look as presentable as possible but most importantly, as comfortable as possible!

Who is general nail care suitable for?​

We recommend general nail care for anyone who struggles to manage their own nails. This can help your nails become more tolerable to walk on or wear shoes. Ongoing nail care can be provided as little or as much as you like.

How often do I need to have my feet attended to?

If you are undertaking one of our other treatments, we recommend attending our clinic every 8-10 weeks over the course of 12 months to get the best outcome.

If you wish to choose to attend our clinic for general nail care only, you can attend as little or as often as you like. For thickened fungal nails that are difficult to cut, we recommend that you attend every 8-10 weeks. However, other clients may wish to attend less frequently or only attend when they are unable to self-manage their nails; this maybe once every 6 months or yearly.

Your clinician will recommend how often you should attend a general nail appointment during your initial consultation.

Contact us to find out more about general nail care.