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Onyfix Nail Bracing

Discover the innovative Onyfix nail correction system, offering pain-free treatment for various toenail conditions. Fixing Onyfix to your nail allows natural correction while it grows, providing rapid relief without the need for surgery.

What Conditions Does Onyfix Treat?

Onyfix serves as a non-invasive alternative to toenail surgery, effectively addressing:

  • Ingrown nails

  • Pincer nails

  • Split nails

  • Lifted nails

  • Deformed nails

  • Involuted or curled nails

  • Cosmetic corrections

Why choose Onyfix?

  • Experience pain-free treatment with rapid pain relief.

  • Benefit from nail correction while promoting future nail health.

  • Achieve effectiveness without applying force to the nail.

  • Adapt Onyfix to individual nail needs and combine with other treatments.

  • Suitable for individuals with diabetes.

  • Continue regular activities and nail care routines without disruption.

Contact us to find out if Onyfix Nail Bracing is right for you.