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Lunula Cold Laser

The Erchonia Lunula Cold Laser uses low-level laser light to target unhealthy nails. Lunula cold laser is FDA market-cleared to effectively target the appearance of nail plates.

What is the Lunula Cold Laser?

At Ingrown Nail Solutions, the cold laser not only helps promote healthy new nail growth but it promotes circulation into the nail matrix/nail bed helping with faster wound healing following surgical procedures of the nail plate; we believe that this helps reduce complications and risks and improves overall clinical outcomes.

Unlike other hot lasers, the Lunula Cold Laser is the only, pain-free, non-thermal laser that has no dangerous smoke plumes or vapours and requires no anaesthetic.

The Lunula Advantage

  • Improves blood circulation to the nail matrix

  • Improves the rate of wound healing

  • No pain, no downtime and no risk

  • No dangerous smoke plumes

  • FDA market cleared for new clear nail growth at 6 months

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