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Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenail surgery can provide permanent relief of ingrown toenails. This is a quick, effective, and minimally invasive procedure performed in the comfort of our treatment chair. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic, a pain-free experience.

What is Toenail Surgery

Although toenail surgery may seem daunting, the team at Foot Foundations use minimally invasive surgical techniques to deliver permanent solutions. We recommend patients undertake a surgical procedure when they have a severely painful or infected toe where conservative options have failed.

Our podiatrists most commonly perform a partial nail avulsion (PNA), where we remove only the affected section of the nail under local anaesthetic.

What is involved in a nail surgery?

Nail surgery is a pain-free procedure performed in our clinic under local anaesthetic. It typically takes 20 minutes but will take no more than one hour, depending on complexity.

Nail surgery involves removing a small sliver of the toenail at the edge that has ‘ingrown’ and is causing pain. This part of the procedure is performed within minutes, and the only thing you may feel is some pressure at the toenail.

A chemical is then applied which destroys the nail matrix (nail-growing cells) to stop the nail growing back and reducing your chances of future pain. Sometimes, the cells damaged by the chemical can regenerate which may result in re-growth but this is uncommon.

Lastly, we apply an antiseptic and dress your toe with medical-grade dressings for optimal healing. You will be provided with a dressing kit to take home with re-dressing instructions to keep your toe sterile for continued healing.

You can go home straight after the procedure and you should not have to take any time off work or school. Moonboots or wound care shoes are not required as the toe heals.

We book a follow-up appointment within 7 days to check that healing has begun and no complications are present and your podiatrist will catch up with you regularly to monitor progress/healing.

How long is the recovery?

Recovering from a nail surgery can take anywhere from two weeks to two months and depends on the:

  • severity of the ingrown toenail

  • quality of blood flow to the toes

  • care taken during post-operative recovery

  • presence of infection (before or after the procedure)

Contact us to find out if surgery is right for you.